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Dr. Rafeal Teixeira  Sydney Chiropractor
(B. Chiro. Sci, and M. Chiro)

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been an important aspect of Dr. Rafael’s life from a young age. He has competed in many sports throughout his life, and was part of the Brazilian swimming team for 8 years.

His sport and training background meant he spent a lot of time with chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists who helped him to continue to do what he love. These experiences motivated him to become a Chiropractor himself.

During his university studies, he worked as a swimming coach and personal trainer specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, strength and conditioning.

He believes that the combination of his sport and exercise experience with his chiropractic and dry needling knowledge will add value to his patients by helping them achieve their best possible results.

Rafael is passionate about improving your body’s performance and driven to understand how to make it move and function at its best.

Dr. Jason Hu  Sydney Osteopath
(B.App. Sci. Osteo, and M.Osteo)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Osteopathy & Master of Osteopathy.

Dr. Jason Hu is the Senior Osteopath at Back Pain Solutions. Together with a team of health professionals, he is 100% COMMITTED in providing YOU with exceptional health care and achieving a great outcome for your BACK PAIN. Meeting Your HEALTH GOALS and providing you with a GREAT SERVICE are his main objectives.

Jason's special interest is in fixing KNEE and HIP PAIN for his patients, particularly for those that have already tried other treatments and have failed or those that just want to avoid having to go through surgery.

Jason believes in using a wide range of treatment modalities in the care of musculo-skeletal conditions, each to best suit THE PATIENT'S NEEDS. and takes a holistic approach to the treatment of his patients.

Travelling the world extensively as an osteopath, he has worked at the prestigious 'Huzhong’ hospital in China, ‘The Shinjuku Plaza Street Chiropractic Clinic’ in Japan as well as at 'The English Osteopath' in the French Riviera. Through treating numerous different types of patients and their presentations, Jason gained HELPFUL, VALUABLE experience now able to share and empower patients home in Australia.

Having competed heavily in sport from a young age, Jason understands the demands that can be placed upon our bodies, which is why, he himself believes Osteopathic and Chiropractic treatments are an integral part his optimal performance in his Martial Arts; Cycling and Motorcycling.

Dr. Jason gains great satisfaction in assisting those who have difficulty in finding solutions to their condition, he looks forward to meeting you and getting you a great result!

Mr. Trent Whittaker Sydney Remedial Massage 
(Dip. Remedial Massage Therapy; Dip. Dry Needling)

With six years experience as a personal trainer, as well as a Diploma in remedial massage and dry needling, his extensive knowledge will assist clients to understand their own physical needs, helping them to continue to drive towards their goals.

Trent is passionate about helping his clients understand their bodies better so they can reach their fitness potential.

Passionate about all things fitness and health, Trent will be continuing his studies to include chiropractics, and his thirst for knowledge in all areas of the body is contagious.

Dr. Riya Chowdhry Sydney Chiropractor
(B. Chiro and M.Chiro)

Dr Riya Chowdhry is a graduate from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Science (Human Biology) and a Masters of Chiropractic Science.  In addition, Riya has undertaken various seminars once graduating in order to keep up to date with techniques and learn new skills.  

Riya loves her job as a chiropractor, as she really enjoys seeing changes in her patients as they progress through treatment, particularly when these changes may be part of everyday life, such as being able to return back to their favourite sporting activity.  Riya uses a variety of techniques, including soft tissue work, dry needling, joint mobilisations and manipulation in conjunction with rehabilitation exercises to get patients pain-free as soon as possible.

Riya is driven to provide results which allow patients to be able to move better and feel confident in returning back to activities they do best!

Dr. Athalie Wong Sydney Chiropractor
(B. Chiro and M.Chiro)

Athalie holds both the Bachelor and Master degree in Chiropractic Science from the Macquarie University.  

She strongly believes the distinction that a good healthcare provider could differentiate is the responsibility to not only provide the treatment required, but also the ability to communicate with patients in ensuring that they are on the same page and completely aware of the cause and effect relationship, and what the proposed treatment plan can or cannot bring. Athalie strives to ensure her patients are well understood the cause and effect relationship, namely the ‘What, When, Why, and How’ model, and aims to resolve the issue from the root causes.

As with any other healthcare professionals, Athalie derives her job satisfaction via the results of her treatment plans, it is her pleasure to see patients resuming their regular daily activities.

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