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Back Pain Solutions


What is Back Pain Solutions?

Are you looking for An Immediate and Long Lasting Solution to your back pain? You have come to the right place because We Can Help!

Who is Back Pain Solutions?

Back pain solutions is a team of well trained doctors of Chiropractors and Osteopaths with over 40 years experience in the treatment of Back Pain. 

Where is Back Pain Solutions?

We are located in the Sydney CBD next to Wynyard train station on George Street. Our address is Suite 2, Level 1, 309 George Street Sydney. If you have any questions as to how to travel to the clinic, please feel free to call our friendly team on (02) 9262 5355.

What do Back Pain Solutions do?

We specialise in the treatment of upper and lower back pain, both in its acute state (meaning - onset of pain for less then a few months) and Chronic pain (meaning - pain that has been there for a little while longer then you would have liked).

In some instances where pain is left untreated, your lower back pain and upper back pain can cause pain to appear in other areas of the body. For example back pain can refer into the legs and sometimes into the arms. This is also sometime known as neuro pain; sciatic pain or sciatica. In such instances there may be potential damage to the neurological system or to the nerves. Contact Back Pain Solutions on (02) 9262 5355 to find out more.

Why choice Back Pain Solutions?

We only specialise in the management and treatment upper and lower back pain, delivering excellent results. We have over 90% success rate in the treatment of back pain and we are 100% safe delivering real solutions.

Are Back Pain Solutions we aim to deliver Great Customer Service whenever and wherever the customer may require. We aim to please and make you feel great!

"Our number one Priority is to - Get rid of the patient's problem/condition and provide a solution that gets them a great result for Back Pain!" - J. HU Principle 

Back Pain Solutions is situated in the Sydney CBD. Conveniently next to Wynyard train station on level 1, 309 George Street Sydney.

Long opening hours Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm. For your convenience Sat and Sundays outcalls to offices; apartments; hotels, yachts.

Are you ready to start?

Call Back Pain Solutions on (02) 9262 5355 and say bye to pain and discomfort today!

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