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Back Pain Solutions is located in Wynyard on Level 1, 309 George Street, right next to Wynyard Station. (02) 9262 5355.


Our Chiropractors Sydney CBD

Sydney Chiropractors at Back Pain Solutions use evidence base care treating musculoskeletal conditions with the focus on patient recovery and the promotion of health. Our Chiropractors work gently and naturally to restore the body’s optimal state of health without the harmful side-effects of medication and risks of surgery, to help the body heal and get you on the path towards a healthy lifestyle again while preventing your pain from returning in the future. We utilise a variety of manual treatment approaches appropriate to the patient to treat neck pain, back pain, headaches and more. Empowering patients with functional change and maintaining good health for the future and allowing patients to enjoy life again as they should.

Our Osteopaths Sydney CBD

Our Sydney Osteopaths practise a comprehensive and holistic system of medicine that treats the whole body. An Osteopath trained in Australia must go through a five-year tertiary training program (as with all Back Pain Solutions' Chiropractors) resulting in an exceptional understanding in the unique relations with structure and function of the human body and its mechanics. Our Sydney Osteopaths are Australian trained and are very experienced in treating patients of all ages from paediatrics to geriatrics and from office-bound workers to performance athletes. We recognise the importance between good health promotion and disease prevention with a healthy functioning spine. Providing a gentle and effective ‘hands-on’ way for pain relief without surgery or medication, resulting in patients enjoying a great quality of life and allowing them to achieve their health and performance levels without pain!


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